Slanted Hall features the type designs of Jeff Kellem, providing quality digital fonts for retail and custom use, along with tools for typeface design workflow. Extensive language support is provided, across multiple scripts. Services include custom typeface design, global language additions, and font engineering consulting. In addition to commissioned typeface design, we also focus on supporting minority and endangered scripts and languages. We also specialize in music notation fonts. Located in the Silicon Valley Bay Area, California, USA.

Photo of Jeff Kellem, Type Designer and FounderIn 2012, after a 20+ year hiatus, Jeff Kellem returned to type design. The first typeface release of 2013, 1403 Vintage Mono Pro, includes Latin (including Vietnamese), Cyrillic, Greek, and Hebrew. An updated version was released in early 2016. A small subset (Latin only), 1403 Vintage Mono Limited, is also available for a discounted price. In the 1980s, Jeff focused on music notation fonts while working on music notation software research and is also designing new typefaces for scoring, with planned releases in 2022. If you have opinions on music notation, fill out the survey.

treble-clefs-sample-small-website.pngSample treble clef symbols from different styles of music notation typeface designs, in progress, are displayed. Releases planned in 2022 for use in Dorico, Finale, Sibelius, and other music scoring software.

As a musician, Jeff is working on new compositions aiming for release in 2022. Other music projects include coaching musicians in performance and songwriting, collaborating on new compositions, exploring new controller creation ideas, and occasionally sitting in on piano with other groups, most recently (before the pandemic) with swing bands at dances. A long-term retrospective book and multimedia project focusing on his music concert photography is in the works with an aim to release in 2024, the 30th anniversary of the middle of the block of photos and musicians intended for inclusion. Another research project is the restoration and release of a 1960s recording with a booklet including backstory and scores, hopefully to be released in 2023.

Jeff is a member of ASCAP, a voting member of The Recording Academy, and part of the ASMAC (American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers) Board of Directors.

Contact us: typedesign@slantedhall.com

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