Music Notation Fonts

Sample treble clef symbols from different styles of music notation typeface designs, in progress. Releases planned in 2022 for use in Dorico, Finale, Sibelius, and other music scoring software.

Early preview of a music notation font design shown at NAMM 2018 (including an alternate quarter rest symbol to match the design used for inspiration):


Music Notation Font Conversion from SMuFL to Sibelius

Philip Rothman wrote in the announcement for the full project release of the Pori music notation fonts and Norfolk chord symbol font updates:

As the resident font professional on this project, Jeff Kellem of Slanted Hall Type Foundry has devoted countless hours to it. No detail was too small for him to overlook as the revisions numbered into the hundreds. He built the entire Pori suite and also built the Pori, Norfolk, and Norfolk chord symbol fonts. Although he will insist that this was a font engineering project and not a type design project per se, his skill is evident everywhere. Making these fonts work seamlessly in Sibelius was a special challenge, and I’m so glad that Jeff was up for the task and all of the twists and turns it took along the way.

Pori Music Notation Fonts and Norfolk Chord Symbol Fonts Announcement

Fonts available:
1403 Vintage Mono Pro
1403 Vintage Mono Limited
Music notation fonts (soon)
1403 Hebrew Sans (soon)
A Simple Surprise (soon)